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... Eeyore with sex appeal

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::: About :::

Welcome to Eccleston!Love, a community for the fans of Christopher Eccleston. This community is based on tennant_love and its purpose is to share whatever Chris goodies you want to share, be it fangirlish squees or artwork, everything Chris-related is welcome.

::: Rules :::

1. Be nice. We're all here to have fun and share our love of Chris so please refrain from flaming, rude comments or whatever you feel like after a crappy day.
2. Anything goes. Have icons, fanart, fanfiction, episodes, reports of your meeting with Chris and want to share? Be my guest.
3. LJ-cuts are our friends. Please use them wisely. If you don't know how to use an LJ-cut, go here to have it explained.
4. If you've joined, please go here and read our rules section carefully.

Easy, that's it. Now go and have fun ;)

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